March 12th Photos Page

I've been onboard twice since my last volunteer day.  The first few photos below are from February 26th, a day which was spent cleaning up our new shop space and getting things like lights and phones working.  As previously announced, the Brass Team is moving into spaces that were formerly the Gym, Band Room and a small shop area in between the two.  On March 12th we had a pretty low turnout and did a variety of things onboard including moving furniture and installing the four control wheels down in Main Rudder Control.  Most of the remaining photos below were taken during the installation of the wheels, except the outdoor shots which were taken onshore.  My next day onboard will be March 26th, hope to see you there, come on down with the arrival of Spring we've got lots to do!  


February 26th Photo #1
Part of the Brass Team's new shop space up on O3.

February 26th Photo #2

Some of the gang after a hard days work cleaning up our new spaces.
March 12th Photo #1
Large prop on shore near the ship, not sure if it's really from Big J though.
March 12th Photo #2
No progress has been made on restoring the chopper, it needs a lot of TLC!
March 12th Photo #3
Newly installed wheels that control the movement of the Port Rudder.
March 12th Photo #4
Another shot of the Port Rudder Control wheels in place.
March 12th Photo #5
Starboard Rudder Control Wheels back in place.  There is a lot of brass to
polish down in this area, but this isn't a place many visitors will get to see.
March 12th Photo #6
Preparing to install the first wheel back where it belongs.
March 12th Photo #7
One of the Brass Team's regular Saturday volunteers striking a pose.  
March 12th Photo #8
Oh yeah, and that's me, hamming it up a little for the camera...

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Line Drawing of Big J

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