April 9th Photos Page

Onboard twice again since my last posting.  The first 4 photos below are from March 26th, and the last four are from today.  My next day onboard should be April 23rd, hope to see you there!


March 26th Photo #1
View inside the Captain's At Sea Cabin, quite 
different from his In Port Cabin down below on O1.

March 26th Photo #2

Huge WTD at the entrance to Broadway from the MARDET Area.  
The hatch visible on the left leads down to Aft Diesel.  
March 26th Photo #3
Setup for a party in the large tent on the Fantail.
March 26th Photo #4
Another shot of the tent on the fantail, the markings
for the helipad are clearly visible in this photo.
April 9th Photo #1
Volunteers working to spruce up the Brass Team's new shop area.
April 9th Photo #2
Newly polished and installed wheel on the O8 helm station.
April 9th Photo #3
Shot looking forward from O8, have I mentioned how much I like it up here...
April 9th Photo #4
This young man put in a good days work today, great job!

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