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I've been onboard working the last two Saturdays in a row.  Today's visit marked the 4th anniversary of my first volunteer day onboard, we've sure come a long way since then!  What's that?  You want to know how far?  Well, click Here to see some photos from my first day onboard.  Or, click Here to peruse photos taken during the ships extensive restoration prior to opening as a museum in October 2001.  In those four years I've made the trip from Virginia 106 times, sure wish I was collecting some frequent flyer miles for my travels!  Today I had the chance to talk briefly with the ships curator and he had some interesting information.  He told me the ships Seasprite helicopter (which I've photographed on the pier previously) is going to Connecticut to be completely restored, I believe by the manufacturer.  He said it is scheduled to return, and be on display on the ship, in early July, in time for the Battleship Blast on the 2nd.  I think that's a pretty aggressive schedule, we'll see how it goes.  It would be great to have it restored and back that quickly, hope it happens!  Speaking of projects, the Brass Team has a new project.  Pictured below is an 18-foot, 4-blade propeller from an Iowa Class Battleship (not certain which ship though).  In the near future we will be going to work polishing it up and getting it ready to be put on permanent display in the middle of a traffic circle near the ship.  Below are a few photos taken during my last two volunteer days, my next day onboard should be May 14th, hope to see you there!


April 23rd Photo #1
Piece of equipment in the Aft Gyro Compass Compartment.

April 23rd Photo #2

This is the ships second Gyro Compass.  It is located in a compartment
 at the aft end of Broadway, basically across from Aft Main Plot.  The other 
Gyro Compass is located at the forward end of Broadway in Auxiliary Steering.
April 23rd Photo #3
Another shot inside the Aft Gyro Compass compartment.
April 23rd Photo #4
Sailor Art on the Band Room WTD up on O3.  This area is now part of the 
Brass Team's new shop area.  Anybody know anything about this character??
April 23rd Photo #5
This is the 18-foot, 4-Blade propeller I mentioned above.  It's one of the 
Brass Team's next projects, and getting it ready to be put on display is
certainly going to be a tall order!  We're going to need a lot of Brasso!
April 23rd Photo #6
Another shot of the propeller.  Iowa Class Battleships have 4 propellers.  Their
inboard propellers are 5-blade and their outboard propellers are 4-blade.  Each
of the ships four main engines generated 53,000 shaft horsepower to drive one
these propellers, for a total of 212,000 horsepower.  Now that's a Hot Rod!!
April 30th Photo #1
One of our regulars putting final touches on the floor in our new shop area.
April 30th Photo #2
Shot of our freshly painted shop area up on O3.
April 30th Photo #3
I spent some time polishing this OBA cabinet today, nothing special
about it except it sits right outside the CEO's office.  It did clean up
pretty nicely, if I must say so myself, even though it isn't brass...
April 30th Photo #4
OK guys a little help here please.  I've seen lots of acronyms around the ship.
I know what "WETSU" means, but the other one pictured above has me stumped.
What does "BOHICA" mean??  Oh, and while we're at it, what does "FFBBR" mean??
Can someone please enlighten this old soldier with the meanings of these acronyms?

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