May 14th Photos Page

Sorry it's taken me a while to get these new photos up, I've been busy with a mass e-mail campaign during the last week trying to get the word out about two big events being held onboard the Battleship this Summer.  The first event is the ships 3rd annual fundraiser - Battleship Blast - being held this year on Saturday, July 2nd.  Last year the Battleship Blast raised over $150,000 to help fund continuing restoration, maintenance and education programs for the Battleship.  The second event is the return of the ships former crew for their reunion and visit to the ship on September 30th.  For more information on these events click on the Home Button above.  I know the ticket prices for the fundraiser are steep, but it is a Fundraiser, for something very near and dear to my heart, and I suspect many of you feel the same way about the ship.  Even if you can't be in attendance, any donation you can make will go a long way to help us continue the Battleships many ongoing programs for another year.  OK, enough about that, my day onboard was spent pretty much amidships working on brass fixtures at a Fire Control Station just off the Forward Missile Deck.  This area, along with the ships Magnetic Compass area directly above, is one we plan to focus on in the next several weeks, it needs some sprucing up!  At lunchtime I ventured down to Sick Bay which is where most of the photos below were taken.  It's been a long time since we polished up all the brass down there, but now that area has been fully outfitted and it looks great!  The word is that sometime in the future Sick Bay, along with portions of Broadway, will be opened up to visitors, but I have no idea when that might be.  My next day onboard should be May 28th, hope to see you there!  Don't forget to fly the flag this weekend to honor those service members who made the supreme sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy today.  For some interesting information on the History of Memorial Day and how it should be celebrated, click Here (This link takes you to another website away from


May 14th Photo #1
Operating Room in the Ships Sick Bay, looks ready to go!

May 14th Photo #2

Operating Table and lights in place this area looks great now!
May 14th Photo #3
There's even an X-Ray viewer on the wall, Nurse can you come in here please...
May 14th Photo #4
Beds in recovery area of Sick Bay.
May 14th Photo #5
Overall view of recovery area, all outfitted and looking great!
May 14th Photo #6
One of two Brass Poles I spent the day stripping and polishing.
May 14th Photo #7
Another shot of my projects for the day.
May 14th Photo #8
New museum display spaces under construction on
the Main Deck level just outside the Radio Room.
May 14th Photo #9
Another view of construction for new museum display areas.

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