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I've been really busy lately and haven't been posting a lot of photos.  I have been putting my Saturdays to good use though, having been onboard working three out of the last four.  Below are a few photos from my last few days onboard, most of my time has been spent cleaning up the brass on the Magnetic Compass Deck.  My next day onboard should be July 2nd.  It will be both a work day and a party day, as I'll be polishing brass all day and then attending the ships annual Battleship Blast fundraiser that night, hope to see you there!


May 28th Photo #1
Memorial Day weekend on Big J.

June 4th Photo #1

That's me hamming it up for the camera along with some friends. 
June 4th Photo #2
The gentleman on the right was onboard interviewing volunteers today.
He also conducts interviews with former crewman and shipbuilders in an
effort to preserve the ships history through the stories told by those who
know her best.  It's a great idea and the records will be available forever. 
June 4th Photo #3
I continue to work on the Magnetic Compass Deck, it's looking better
up here, but there are still several more Saturdays to go before I'll be
happy with it and ready to move on to a new project.
June 18th Photo #1
That's one of the ships crew getting ready to fire the Port Ceremonial
Gun to honor the Tall Ship going down river, I think she was from Delaware.
I believe we will be firing both ceremonial guns again on Saturday, July 2nd
after the fireworks during the Battleship Blast fundraiser, Prepare to Fire!
June 18th Photo #2
A look inside the new Brass Shop, the place looks great and ready to go!
June 18th Photo #3
This is the Iowa class prop I showed you a few weeks ago sitting on the pier.
Now it's all cleaned-up and mounted in a traffic circle near the ship.  Luckily, the
Brass Team wasn't asked to work on polishing this item, it would have been a huge
effort.  Instead, I believe it was sandblasted and looks great except for a couple dings.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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