June 28th Photos Page

These are some Bonus Photos taken by a fellow volunteer who visited the ship today to watch as a refurbished SH-2 Seasprite helicopter was hoisted onboard.  The helicopter left less than two months ago and now it's back and looking good perched on the fantail.  To see what the helicopter looked like before it left, Click Here.  Thanks a lot Dave for sending these photos my way, see you guys on Saturday!


June 28th Photo #1
This bird looks great!  Amazing what can
be accomplished in just two short months!

June 28th Photo #1

Getting ready for the ride to the fantail!
June 28th Photo #3
Up, Up and Away!
June 28th Photo #4
Halfway there...
June 28th Photo #5
Over the deck...
June 28th Photo #6
Almost there...
June 28th Photo #7
Coming in for a landing...
June 28th Photo #8
Finally, the Bird has landed!  Great job, can't wait to
see it on Saturday!  Thanks again Dave for sending
these great photos, I owe you one Buddy!

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