July 2nd Photos Page

I was onboard today to do a little polishing early and a little partying later on.  During the day I continued to work on the ships Magnetic Compass Deck and railings, they are coming along, slowly but surely.  As part of Philadelphia's 4th of July celebration the USS Cole made a port call and was open for tours, sadly though I didn't make it over to see the ship because of my late arrival this morning.  Traffic was horrible on the way up 95 from Virginia this morning, not sure if it was because of the Live Eight concert or just holiday traffic, but it was not a pleasant trip.  After putting in a good days work polishing brass there was just enough time for a quick shower and change before the cocktails started flowing.  This years Battleship Blast was great, and Catering by Mario's did a spectacular job on the food, let's make sure we bring them back again next year!  Following dinner was the fireworks show, which was capped off by the firing of both of the ships ceremonial guns.  There is a great photo below of my buddy Marty firing the Port gun, look at that bright cloud and flames, not quite like the 16-inchers, but I bet it scared a few boaters on the river below!  Hope everyone who attended the Blast enjoyed themselves, I know I did!  My next day onboard should be July 16th, hope to see you there!


July 2nd Photo #1
Shot of the ships new helicopter next to Turret 3 on the Fantail.

July 2nd Photo #2

Another shot of the helicopter in its new home, looks really good!
July 2nd Photo #3
A bunch of guys from the Brass team visited the USS Cole this morning.
Here one of our guys is passing on a few tips on the fine art of polishing
brass to one of the Cole's crewmembers who was polishing the Ships Bell.
July 2nd Photo #4
Just a few of the many volunteers who were on hand to help during
the Battleship Blast.  They all did a great job in making this years
 event run smoothly, Bravo Zulu to all who helped!
July 2nd Photo #5
These young ladies provided USO style entertainment before dinner.
They put on a great show!
July 2nd Photo #6
Officers from the USS Cole pose for a photo with the
 ladies from the USO and a couple of ladies from the HPA.
Looks like everyone is having a really good time here.
July 2nd Photo #7
Tables setup on the fantail for dinner.  Did I mention the food
was excellent?  Everything was delicious, from the appetizers
to the desserts!  I vote to bring back Mario's next year too!
July 2nd Photo #8
It can be hard to get good photos of fireworks, you have to be pretty quick
on the shutter button.  I offer the next several photos as evidence of how fast
my finger was on the button tonight, not too shabby if I must say so myself.
July 2nd Photo #9
Philly definitely put on a good fireworks show for us!
July 2nd Photo #10
Getting close to the finale...
July 2nd Photo #11
Prepare to fire the Port Gun...
July 2nd Photo #12
Fire!!!  Look at that bright cloud and flame,
now that's fast on the shutter button!
July 2nd Photo #13
A shot of me and my friend Marty after firing the gun.
A great ending to the best Battleship Blast so far!

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