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I know it's been a while since I've posted any new photos here, but to be honest I've been really busy lately working on a project for the crews reunion onboard later this month.  For those of you coming to the ship on September 30th, you'll get to see first hand what I've been up to recently.  Just because I haven't been posting any new photos that doesn't mean I haven't been onboard working on Saturdays.  I've been onboard four times since the Battleship Blast, and pretty much all of those trips have been spent stripping the rails on the Compass Deck.  It's been tough going, but I'm almost done, and we'll be ready to recoat them with clear lacquer before the cold weather sets in.  We continue to have a good turnout of volunteers on Saturdays and we continue to polish brass throughout the ship, it's a never ending job!  My next day onboard will be September 3rd, hope to see you there.  Below is a small selection of photos taken during my last few trips.  I'm looking forward to seeing all you former crewman on the 30th, and I'll have a little something for you to take home to remember your visit.


July 16th Photo #1
Ships WW II Organ on display in the Chapel down on Deck 2.

July 16th Photo #2

Refurbished Sailor Art in 3rd Division Crew Spaces below Mess Deck.
July 16th Photo #3
Another piece of refurbished Sailor Art in the same area.
July 16th Photo #4
One last piece of refurbished Sailor Art.  The area where the last three
 items are found is used by scouts and other groups who visit the ship for
overnight encampments.  They get to sleep in the same bunks the crew
did when the ship was in commission, it's a pretty unique experience.
July 31st Photo #1
This 30 Caliber was painstakingly restored by one of my fellow Brass 
Team members.  Great job Lew, it looks ready to Rock & Roll now!
August 6th Photo #1
We had a mini-aviation show on the pier today, this was one of the static displays.
August 6th Photo #2
Inside the cockpit of the jet shown above.
August 6th Photo #3
Another item on display on the pier.  This Bad Boy looked ready to 
Rock & Roll too, wish I could have squeezed off a few rounds...
August 6th Photo #4
Still working on stripping these @%$#* rails, but I'm getting there.
  This area is going to be looking good in the not too distant future!
August 20h Photo #1
Standing Tall and Looking Good, Ready for Inspection Sir!
August 20h Photo #2
Uh Oh, they are lowering the Colors, it is definitely time to hit the road!
It's been a long day and it's time to head back to Virginia, see you next time!

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