September 30th Photos Page

Onboard today for the crews reunion.  I had a great day, but unfortunately didn't take many photos.  I spent almost the entire day in the Ward Room, meeting guys and handing out the commemorative calendar I put together.  I'd like to thank everyone who made donations, that money will be used to purchase supplies we use onboard on a regular basis such as polish, paint and other shop consumables.  I really enjoyed meeting all the former crewman and talking about their time onboard, it seemed like the time just flew by!  I hope you guys enjoyed being back onboard the ship again, did she look as good as you remembered?

I was also onboard on October 1st for the annual Comcast Volunteer Day.  Again, I have no photos, but would like to say Bravo Zulu to the many Comcast employees and family members who showed up, with supplies in hand, and ready to go to work!  They did a great job, I only wish other companies would follow their lead!  I look forward to seeing you all back onboard again next year, and I promise more photos next time!


September 30th Photo #1
Mother Nature sure cooperated, the
weather for the reunion was spectacular.

September 30th Photo #2

Marine Bugler and Honor Guard on the fantail during reunion ceremonies.
September 30th Photo #3
Marine Color Guard on the fantail.
September 30th Photo #4
Two of the ships Captains from her Vietnam service period
were onboard, that's Captain Snyder on the left, his wife,
and then Captain Peniston on the right.
September 30th Photo #5
Sing-a-long at the end of the ceremonies on the fantail.

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