October 15th Photos Page

Today we spent the day putting a good coat of wax on the ships Seasprite helicopter.  Even though it isn't brass, we still wanted to get a good coat of wax on it before the weather turned cold.  I only wish we could have taken ole #14 up for a spin after the waxing, that would have been a blast!  I know I haven't been posting as many photos lately, but between my day job and other commitments, I've just been way too busy.  I still continue to make the trip on Saturdays though, as a matter of fact my next visit this Saturday will be my 25th trip this year!  Hope to see you on the 5th, come on down and join in the fun!


October 15th Photo #1
Today we took on the task of waxing our newly refurbished Seasprite helicopter.
Our two new ladders made this job pretty easy!  The ladders were purchased with
funds donated by the ships crew for a calendar I created and produced for their
recent reunion.  Thanks to all who donated, hope you enjoyed visiting the ship!

October 15th Photo #2

A good hand waxing top to bottom with a quality
carnauba wax, nothing but the best for this baby!
October 15th Photo #3
Another one of the gang helping to put a shine on ole #14.
October 15th Photo #4
Yes Sir, look at that baby shine!   
October 15th Photo #5
Looking good after a hard days work!
October 15th Photo #6
Mission accomplished, one waxed helicopter!
October 15th Photo #7
Another item of Sailor Art I wanted to share, it's everywhere onboard! 
Anybody recognize this work of art??
October 15th Photo #8
I listened to this bell being rung by visitors all day long.  It's a replica of
the famous Liberty Bell, and is tuned to the same key.  Sitting on the pier
it could be rung by anyone passing by, and it definitely got a workout today!

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