November 5th Photos Page

Onboard again today, the weather was beautiful for early November!  I had a great day onboard, got a lot done, and also heard some good news for those of you out there waiting for the ship to open up some of the engineering spaces along Broadway for tours.  Sorry, I didn't take many photos today, just a few of the area where I was working, there was just too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.  My next day onboard should be November 19th, hope to see you then!


November 5th Photo #1
This is a new tattoo one of the Brass Team members just had done.  It's
drawn in the style of Sailor Jerry, a guy who had a shop in Honolulu and is
famous for his tattoo work.  Any of you guys ever visit Sailor Jerry's while in
port in Hawaii?  To send me an e-mail and photo of your tattoo Click Here.

For more information about Sailor Jerry check out, a
website run by a women who apprenticed with him, and, a
website featuring clothing bearing his artwork and a good history of his life.

November 5th Photo #2

I had stripped these poles earlier in the Summer.  Today I took
advantage of the nice weather to polish them up again and apply a
coat of clear lacquer to help keep them shining through the Winter.
November 5th Photo #3
Another shot of the poles, freshly coated and shining in the late day sun.
November 5th Photo #4
A shot of my trusty steed, in the parking garage, ready
to make the dash back to Virginia, see ya'll next time!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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