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Can you believe it, there are some new photos posted here!  I know I've been neglecting my duties of posting new photos regularly, but with making the 2006 Ships Calendars, the Holidays, and oh yeah, my regular day job, something just had to give!  I still made my regular trips to the ship, even though I didn't post as many photos.  In 2005 I made the trip twenty-nine times, hard to believe another year has come and gone!  Below are some photos of the ships newly installed radar antenna, and also some of the work being done on O3 to begin replacing some of the ships teak decking.  Hope everyone had a great holiday season and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  My next day onboard should be January 21st, still a few calendars left, if you want one this may be your last chance.  See you then!


December 30th Photo #1
Ships radar antenna on the pier prior to being hoisted by
by helicopter to it's new home atop the ships superstructure.

December 30th Photo #2

Another shot of the radar antenna on the pier.
January 7th Photo #1
Radar Antenna where it belongs, high atop of the ships superstructure.
January 7th Photo #2
A couple of our regular gang working on a recently acquired 20 mm gun
(similar to those on the ship in WW II) which is being restored for display.
January 7th Photo #3
Replacement of teak decking has begun on
O3 Starboard side, just forward of the Flag Bag.
January 7th Photo #4
Metal deck under the teak in bad shape,
not pretty, and this is only the beginning...
January 7th Photo #5
I can't believe they erected this metal shed on the fantail, it
looks totally out of place!  I can only hope it's just temporary...
January 7th Photo #6
Former Band Room on O3, now part of the Brass Team's
shop area.  What a difference a year makes, Click
and scroll through the photos to see what I mean.

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