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I know it's been a while since I've posted any new photos, and I've been getting my share of grief about it too!!  It's not that I haven't been onboard working, it's just that I've been way to busy at my day job recently to do much of anything else.  Today was a nice warm day, it felt like Spring and I just had to work topside.  I grabbed a can of wax and put a shine on 98 portholes from the main deck up to O4.  They cleaned up nicely considering the environment they are subjected to all winter on the river.  The lacquer I applied several summers ago is still holding up well.  The rest of the gang worked on other projects.  Some of the guys continued the work we've been doing down on Deck 2 in the Port side passageway, aft of Turret #2.  At the request of the ships curator we've spent the last two months polishing brass and stainless in that area and also restoring and repairing several WTDs.  The decks have also just been stripped and waxed and that area is looking much better now!  Some others walked the tour routes putting a shine on items that needed it and another guy continued his efforts to refurbish a 20mm gun he has been working on for several months now.  The photos below show just how far he's come with that project.  Today's photos are a selection of shots from trips to the ship this year.  My next day onboard should be April 1st, hope to see you then!! 

** Attention Volunteers ** A Volunteer Barbeque will be held onboard on April 8, 2006.  For more details contact Pat or Dan in the Volunteer Office at (856) 966-1652 or via e-mail at


March 11th Photo #1
Looking like a proud papa, showing off the 20mm gun he's  been working
on for the past few months, looks great Lew, time to head to the range!

March 11th Photo #2

Another shot of the gun, similar to those on the ship in WW II.  Lew would
like to thank the guys at Sarco, Inc. in Stirling, NJ for giving us copies of
the assembly manuals for this gun.  He was also able to get some needed
missing parts from them to complete this restoration.  Thanks guys!
March 11th Photo #3
Keepers of the Sea Exhibit on the Main Deck near the Ships Radio Room.
March 11th Photo #4
Another shot of the museum space dedicated to the evolution of Battleships
March 11th Photo #5
A selection of trophies on display in the ships onboard museum spaces.
March 11th Photo #6
Displays in part of the museum dedicated to the New York Shipbuilding Co.,
formerly located in Camden, NJ, where many Navy Warships were built.  For more
information about the New York Shipbuilding Co., and ships built there, click Here.
March 11th Photo #7
Photo of communications equipment inside the ships Radio Room.
March 11th Photo #8
Another shot taken in the Radio Room.
March 11th Photo #9
Cross Passageway just forward of Turret #2 outside of Sick Bay.
March 11th Photo #10
Pharmacy Dispensing Window at far end of passageway shown above.
March 11th Photo #11
Damage Control Station just around the corner from Sick Bay.
March 11th Photo #12
One of many Examination Rooms placed around the outside of the
barbette for Turret #2, just aft of the main Sick Bay.
March 11th Photo #13
Some of the ships Sea Cadets in formation on the Pier.

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