April 8th Photos Page

Onboard for another workday and to enjoy the Volunteer Barbeque held at noon on the fantail.  It was a pretty rainy day so we looked for someplace dry to work, and ended up in the High Rent District, Officer Country!  We worked in the Captain's and Admiral's Staterooms today, polishing brass lamps and other fixtures.  The photos below show how those spaces looked when we were finished, and believe me they were standing tall and ready for inspection, Sir!


April 8th Photo #1
With a little Brasso, and a lot of rubbing, I made this Lamp and Table in the
Captain's Stateroom shine!  This area, along with the Admiral's Stateroom can
be rented for parties and other events, pretty cool place for a small party!

April 8th Photo #2

This lamp was polished by another member of the Brass Team. 
April 8th Photo #3
Large table in the Captain's Stateroom.  The Captain had his own
 Galley and used this space to entertain when the ship was in port.
Quite a contrast to the cabin he occupied when the ship was at sea.
Click Here to see a photo of his at sea cabin, just off the Bridge on O4.
April 8th Photo #4
Opening visible in this photo was used to pass food from the Galley.
April 8th Photo #5
Large cabinet used to display the ships Silver Service and other items.
Pieces of the ships Silver Service have recently been returned to the
ship and today other members of the Brass Team were working back
in the shop polishing it up and getting it ready to be put on display.
April 8th Photo #6
Close-up of the display cabinet and items inside.
April 8th Photo #7
One more overall type shot of the Captain's Stateroom.
April 8th Photo #8
Large safe in the corner of the Captain's stateroom,
wonder what kind of secrets were kept in this baby...
April 8th Photo #9
The Captain had a nice soft bed right just off the space shown
in the photos above.  Pretty nice digs compared to what the 
enlisted guys had down below, bunks stacked three high.
April 8th Photo #10
Right next to the Captain's Stateroom is the Admiral's Stateroom.
The blue door you see in this photo is the same one visible in photo
#3 above.  This is a large conference table in that space.
April 8th Photo #11
Another shot of the Admiral's Conference Table and large framed map.
April 8th Photo #12
This little ensemble is also in the Admiral's Stateroom.  I spent a
fair amount of time today making this Lamp and Table shine too.
April 8th Photo #13
Here we have the Admiral's bed...
April 8th Photo #14
Next we have the Admiral's Head, complete with
ceramic tile floor, porcelain sink and shower!
April 8th Photo #15
Sorry, but I didn't really take any photos at the barbeque, I was too busy
eating and saying hello to guys I don't usually get to see on Saturdays.  The
number of hours donated by the ships volunteers in the last 5 years stands at
351,000, that's a mind boggling number!  My next day onboard will be April 29th,
it will mark my 5-year anniversary as a volunteer and will be my 135th workday.
We have a lot of very dedicated volunteers on Big J, and I'm just proud to call
them my shipmates!  All I can say is Bravo Zulu guys, now let's cut the cake!!

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