May 6th Photos Page

Just a few photos taken on this fine Spring day.  The Brass Team had a good turnout today and we spent most of it working on the Barrels and Bucklers on Turret #1.  I also spent some time on the Port side Flag Bag, a project that is long overdue.  Not a lot else to report, just another day spent onboard Big J, doing what I love to do best!


May 6th Photo #1
Shot looking aft along the Starboard side as you board the ship.

May 6th Photo #2

Shot looking forward along the Starboard side as you 
board the ship.  0930 hrs, time to go to work!
May 6th Photo #3
Hey, that's me up on top of the barrel of the Port Gun of Turret #1.
A shot like this really helps put the size of these guns into perspective!
May 6th Photo #4
This shot of my buddy Charlie, another Saturday regular, 
also helps show how massive these Turrets really are.
May 6th Photo #5
We spent a lot of time today cleaning up the brass rings around the bucklers.
With the barrels freshly painted and elevated they are looking great!
May 6th Photo #6
I've worked on the Port side Flag Bag on my last two visits.  We coated
this rail several years ago but the coating had yellowed severely and it was
time to strip it off and start over.  This is how it looked when I left today.
May 6th Photo #7
It's now almost 1900 hrs, the sun is sinking low,
it's been a long day, time to head South to Virginia!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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