June 17th Photos Page

The Brass Team had a good turnout today and the eight of us got a lot done.  We split up and worked in several different areas, some in Turret #2, some on the Compass Deck, some on the Aft Missile Deck and still others on the 5-inch Mounts.  It was also a very busy day for visitors, the nice weather brought many people out to tour the ship and enjoy the experience.  Below is a series of photos taken today, some showing things we worked on, and others showing other ongoing projects in different areas of the ship.  The rain has been brutal here in Virginia for the last few days, hopefully we'll get it all behind us and have nice weather this Saturday for the ships annual fundraiser, The Battleship Blast!  My next day onboard will be July 1st, it will be a work day followed by 4th of July festivities on the ship including Dinner, Music, Cocktails and Fireworks!  If you would like more details about this annual event you can call Dawn Presley at (856) 966-1652 ext. 225 or click Here to send her an e-mail.  Hope to see you onboard this Saturday to celebrate America's Birthday in style!


June 17th Photo #1
Ships new profile with the barrels of Turrets #1 & #2 elevated, she looks mean!

June 17th Photo #2

Some of the gang working with me on the Compass Deck trying to make it shine!
June 17th Photo #3
One of the gang on the Forward Missile Deck.  The hatch visible
behind him leads into our shop, formerly the Band Room and Gym.
June 17th Photo #4
Putting the canvas back in place after shining the brass rails.
June 17th Photo #5
Some of the gang worked on detailing this hatch today.
It leads up to the Aft Missile Deck from the Starboard Side.
June 17th Photo #6
Shot of some of the Silver the Team recently 
polished, on display in the Captains In-Port Cabin.
June 17th Photo #7
Another shot of some of the Silver items on display.
June 17th Photo #8
Area on Main Deck just aft of Turret #3 where
deteriorated wooden decking has just been removed.
June 17th Photo #9
Another shot of the steel deck after the wood has been removed.
June 17th Photo #10
The area on the right has been prepped and repainted, in
the near future the entire area will get the same treatment.
June 17th Photo #11
Another shot of the newly prepped and painted deck area.  Hatch in the
foreground was used to load 16-inch shells into the magazines below.
June 17th Photo #12
Shot inside a cabin on the 02 level, just aft of the CEC.  The ceiling of this
compartment was severely damaged and is being replaced as part of an ongoing
project replacing decking on 03, just forward of the Starboard Side Flag Bag.
June 17th Photo #13
Shot from 03 looking down into the compartment pictured above.
June 17th Photo #14
Another shot from 03 looking down through the damaged decking.
June 17th Photo #15
One last view of this area.  The hatch covered in 
plastic is where photo 12 (above) was taken from.

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