July 1st Photos Page

Below are some photos from my day onboard working as a volunteer and then attending the ships annual fund raiser, The Battleship Blast.  During the day the Brass Team worked to get the ships brightwork on the main deck and O5 shining and ready for inspection.  Then, when the work was done, I stepped into a nearby phone booth and emerged ready to party at the Battleship Blast.  This years event was great, we had a big turnout, excellent food and drink, a great show, and, best of all, we raised a nice sum of money to help fund the ships operation for the coming year.  Hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!  My next day onboard should be July 15th, hope to see you there!


July 1st Photo #1
Any former Navy signalmen out there care to decipher what the flags say?

July 1st Photo #2

Some progress on the fantail project.  Steps and decking have recently
been added to afford visitors a better view of the Seasprite helicopter.
Almost all of the deck work has been completed in this area while work
on the 16-inch gun barrels of Turret #3 still continues.
July 1st Photo #3
Some of the gang working on the Forecastle shining the brass for the evenings
festivities.  I worked up on O5 with some other guys doing the same thing.
July 1st Photo #4
A few hours later visitors onboard for the Battleship Blast admiring our work!
July 1st Photo #5
One of the highlights of this years Battleship Blast was a performance
by this String Band Group on the Forecastle.  They sounded great!
July 1st Photo #6
Another shot of the Mummers just doing their thing!
July 1st Photo #7
Several of the ships Sea Cadets pose 
with a new recruit, well maybe someday...
July 1st Photo #8
Wearing her camouflage uniform it may be hard to pick her out, but this is
one of the ships security guards and one of my long time buddies onboard.
July 1st Photo #9
Vintage 30 Caliber Machine Gun on display on the fantail along with other
artifacts from the ships permanent collection.  This particular item was
lovingly refurbished by one of the Brass Team's own, Great job Lew!!
July 1st Photo #10
Event graphics and some of the attendees under the tent for dinner on
the fantail.  What a dinner it was too, steak, chicken, crab cake, mashed
potatoes and asparagus, Yum Yum!!
July 1st Photo #11
After dinner it was time for fireworks, and they looked great over the river!
July 1st Photo #12
While the fireworks were going on, a fabulous selection of
desserts was served on the Forecastle, again very tasty!
July 1st Photo #13
As has become a Battleship Blast tradition, following the fireworks
the ship fired her Port and Starboard side ceremonial guns.  This is
the firing of the Port side gun.  My trigger finger was a little slower
this year, I missed capturing the fireball from the gun, oh well,
what can I say, a good time was definitely had by all.

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