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I know it's been a while since I've posted any photos, but that doesn't mean I haven't been onboard working!  In fact, I've been onboard four times since my last posting of USS Des Moines Photos back on July 5th!  The photos below are a sampling of photos taken on three of those days, there are none from the 4th day (July 15th) because, believe it or not, I went to the ship without my camera!  The first time in over 140 trips that I didn't take any photos on a Volunteer Day, I won't let that happen again any time soon!  As you will see below, the Brass Team has been very busy lately working on the Helicopter Control Tower and up on O3, Starboard side on the Signal Bridge area, which is now part of our "Firepower Tour Route".  As you may recall from photos posted earlier (see photos from December 30, 2005 & June 17, 2006) we had some steel decking being replaced in that area, which, as you will see from the photos below, is coming along nicely.  In the near future the plan is to replace the Teak Decking and then that area will be looking good once again!  I've been encouraged recently by a number of new volunteers coming out to help us on Saturdays, and would once again like to encourage anyone else who might be interested to come on down and give it a try!  At the same time though the Brass Team is losing one of our founding members who has retired and is moving to South Carolina.  Fair Winds and Following Seas Shipmate, come back and see us whenever you get the chance, and Shine on you Crazy Brassman!  We need all the help we can get to do the work that needs to be done to keep her looking good.  She, and the thousands of crewmen who served on her, deserve our very best efforts!  My next day onboard will be August 26th, hope to see you there, ready to get to work!


August 19th Photo #1
Shot of the ships Helicopter Control Tower above Turret #3.

August 19th Photo #2

Another shot of the Control Tower.
August 19th Photo #3
Shot taken standing on top of Turret #3 looking at the Control Tower.
August 19th Photo #4
Shot taken looking from the Control Tower aft at the top of Turret #3.
August 19th Photo #5
Fair Winds and Following Seas Bruce, hope you find some Brass to polish
 at Patriot's Point, if not come on back because we can always use the help!
August 19th Photo #6
Shot of Fire Control Station on the Starboard Signal Bridge.  This area
was detailed by one of the gang, a former fireman who was loving every
minute of it.  Note: The fire nozzle visible on the bulkhead was a piece
rescued from the USS Des Moines, and it looks right at home on Big J!
August 19th Photo #7
Brass Rail on Starboard side Flag Bag.  We had coated this rail years ago with
clear lacquer but it needed to be stripped and shined again.  In the near future
this area will get a fresh coat of paint and will once again be looking good.
August 19th Photo #8
Hatch on the "Firepower Tour Route" that has been painted 
and detailed.  New steel decking is evident in this photo taken
 looking forward from the Starboard side Signal Bridge.
August 19th Photo #9
This Scuttle Cover is visible in the photo above too.  It is a very unique
piece which is operated hydraulically by the handle to the left and below it.
It still works very smoothly and would have provided a quick exit for those
occupying this armored area where signal flags were kept.
August 19th Photo #10
Shot taken from the Starboard side Signal Bridge looking forward at new steel decking.
August 19th Photo #11
To fully appreciate what you are seeing here you should look back at the
photos posted on December 30, 2005 & June 17, 2006).  In those photos,
especially those taken June 17th, you could look directly into the compartment
below.  This area looks amazing compared to what it looked like a few months ago!
August 19th Photo #12
Another shot of the new steel decking on O3.  The hatch visible on 
the left leads into the armored area where the Signal Flags were kept
and where the Escape Scuttle seen above is located.
August 19th Photo #13
One last shot of the new steel decking, now all we need to do is
 replace the Teak and we'll be done.  (Easier said than done for sure!)
August 19th Photo #14
A parting gift for our shipmate!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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