September 16th Photos Page

I know it's taken me forever to post these new photos, but my day job has really been keeping me hopping lately.  I still have my priorities in order though when it comes to the ship and continue to make the trip to New Jersey every other Saturday.  Since it's taken me so long to update this page I've already been onboard another day and plan on being onboard on October 7th for Comcast Volunteer Day.  Last year about 100 or so Comcast employees came out and spent the morning volunteering on the ship, they will be returning this Saturday for a repeat performance.  Now that it is October the ship has gone to Winter hours and is now open until 3:00 daily.  Hope to see many eager to work Comcast employees onboard this Saturday, we have lots to do.  See you there!


September 16th Photo #1
The view from the promenade along the river.

September 16th Photo #2

The view from the pier as you prepare to board, awesome sight!
September 16th Photo #3
One of the ships Radio Club volunteers working on restoring vintage 
radio equipment.  We have a very diverse bunch of crewmembers who
volunteer their time regularly to help keep the legacy of Big J strong!
September 16th Photo #4
Another Volunteer, one of the Brass Team working in Turret #2.
September 16th Photo #5
A shot of one of the Powder Hoist doors in Turret #2.  Note the device
hanging to the left of the door with a cord leading up to it.  This was a
trigger which would be used to fire the guns from inside the Turret.
September 16th Photo #6
Another shot inside Turret #2 looking towards the Port side.
September 16th Photo #7
I spent part of my day cleaning up some brass in Turret #2 myself, 
including these seats and wheel for the Turrets optical range finder.
September 16th Photo #8
Now that the deck replacement work up on O3 has been completed it looks
like this area on O2 outside the Admiral's stateroom (Port Side) is up next
for repairs.  The teak decking has already been removed, note the circular
outline in the steel deck from the gun tub that was removed a long time ago.
September 16th Photo #9
An elevator on a Battleship??  That's right an elevator to go from O2 up
to O5 (Starboard side), used to hoist ammunition up for the ships aft 2
 Phalanx guns.  These two tracks are what it rode on, for now it's locked in
place at the top.  The real purpose of the photo though was the porthole,
this is one I hadn't been able to reach before, but today I gained access
 to the compartment where it is located and gave it a quick cleaning up.
September 16th Photo #10
Sailor art painted on 5" Gun Office hatch featuring a Skull, 
with Cannon Balls and Gun Barrel sticking out of the eye!

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