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Today was a busy day onboard Big J!  We had about 100 volunteers onboard from Comcast and they spent much of the day cleaning and polishing things all over the ship.  They came prepared to get dirty and brought all the needed cleaning supplies to get the job done!  This is the second year for this event and we were very happy to have them back again.  The Comcast volunteers were broken down into groups and paired with the ships regular volunteers to spread out and work in various areas throughout the ship.  I had about 10 of them working with me, we started walking the tour routes cleaning up as we went along.  We made stops in the Captains In-Port Cabin, the Navigation Bridge and the Main Bridge and also cleaned all the portholes on the first three decks, all before lunch!  I want to send out a big "Bravo Zulu" to all those participants from Comcast, their motivation and enthusiasm was great and we managed to accomplish so much today.  Looking forward to seeing you all back next year!


Volunteer working on the Silver Display Cabinet in the Captain's In-Port Cabin.

October 7th Photo #2

Mother and son working on other cabinets in the Captains In-Port Cabin.
October 7th Photo #3
This young lady did her part to make this area sparkle.
October 7th Photo #4
This young man put a shine on a brass serving bowl, he could be a future
Brass Team member, we'll be looking to draft him in a few more years!
October 7th Photo #5
A group shot of the gang prior to moving up to the Navigation
Bridge.  They did a great job in the Captains In-Port Cabin!!
October 7th Photo #6
This gentleman was a former Marine and he felt right at home polishing brass
up on the Navigation Bridge.  After finishing up here he moved up to O5
and polished some more brass, another possible Brass Team candidate!
October 7th Photo #7
Here we have yet another potential Brass Team member shining the
brass window sills on the Navigation Bridge, these guys were motivated
and did a great job!  We'd love to welcome any of today's volunteers
back onboard on a regular basis to help us keep ole Big J looking good!

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