November 25th Photos Page

Today was a big milestone for me, it was my 150th Volunteer Day onboard Big J!!
This photo page is also the 100th Photo Page I've posted here since August 10, 2000!!

I know it's been forever since I've posted any new photos here, but given the stats above, I'm hoping you won't hold the recent lapse against me!!  I've been going crazy lately with a long list of things that have taken away from my time to work on this website.  For instance, I recently completed a 2007 USS New Jersey Commemorative Calendar which is now on sale at the Museum Store.  For more information on this calendar contact the Museum Store at (856) 966-1652 ext. 112.  I'm also currently working on a second calendar for the Volunteers, which I hope to have ready in the next week or so.  I have been onboard the last two Saturdays though, I worked on the Navigation Bridge last Saturday and the O5 Control Area today.  Other Team members spent time working throughout the ship along the Tour Routes keeping the Brightwork shining.  Below are a few photos from my last two trips, a couple showing the progress of two ongoing restoration projects onboard the Battleship.  One shows the newly completed Admiral Halsey's Stateroom, to see how this area looked just a few months ago, click Here to check out the photos from June 17th, what a change!  My next trip to the ship should be December 9th, hopefully the new calendar will be ready by then, hope to see you there!  This years Volunteer Calendar features photos of the numerous pieces of Sailor Art found throughout the ship, it looks pretty good so far!


November 25th Photo #1
Newly restored, and now open to the public, Admiral Halsey's Stateroom
display, complete with mannequins and period furniture and equipment.

November 25th Photo #2

Progress shot of the ongoing deck replacement work on O2, Port Side.
November 25th Photo #3
Some of the results of the Brass Team's efforts today.
November 25th Photo #4
The sun is setting, must be time to head on back home to Virginia.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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