The Iowa Class Battleships are a tight fit throught the Canal.  Big J on her final transit of the Canal.  (October 18, 1999)

The Final Voyage Is Over!!

The Final Voyage of the Navy's most decorated warship ended at the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard appropriately enough on Veterans Day, November 11th.  She had come full circle having been launched from there nearly sixty years earlier during World War II.  As she moved silently up the Delaware River she was greeted by thousands who gathered on both sides of the river to welcome this special veteran home.   For all the people who spent many years trying to make this day a reality, it was a dream come true.  This page features Photos and Daily Journal Entries from that Final Voyage home.  Click on the links below to view them.

The Battleship New Jersey's Final Voyage is over.  On January 20, 2000 the U.S. Navy announced it had decided where the Battleship would be permanently berthed.  The winner... Camden!!!  On July 27, 2000 she was moved to the South Jersey Port Corporation's Beckett Street Terminal, where she remained for about 2 weeks.  While there she was opened to the public for Deck Tours on August 9th & 10th, and drew an estimated 11,000 visitors.  She was moved again on August 15, 2000 to another dock, the Broadway Terminal, where she underwent a year long, $7.3 Million restoration.  Finally, on September 23, 2001 she was moved to her new permanent home on the Camden waterfront.  She was officially opened to the public for tours on October 15, 2001.

I personally witnessed her trip up the Delaware River on Veterans Day.  You can view photos taken by me from two different locations by clicking on the first link below.   There are also numerous other photos taken during the Final Voyage and daily Journal Entries which you can view by clicking on the links below.  Thanks to all of you who sent e-mails and visited this site during the Final Voyage.

Final Voyage Information

See Photos taken by me of Big J's trip up the Delaware River on Veterans Day, 1999

See Photos taken by others of Big J's trip up the Delaware River on Veterans Day, 1999

See Photos of Big J docked at Balboa Port Terminal, Panama Oct. 17, 1999

See some awesome Photos of Big J transiting Miraflores Locks Oct. 18, 1999

See a Cool video animation of Big J's transit of the Miraflores Locks (offsite)

Voyage Photos/Journal

See Photos & Daily Journal Entries from the Final Voyage

Final Voyage News Articles

Read news articles written during Big J's Final Voyage Home

Governor's Remarks

Read Governor Whitman's Remarks delivered in Panama

Bob's Final Thoughts

Read Bob Wernet's Final thoughts on Big J's Legacy


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Line Drawing of Big J

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