Journal Entry  -  November 3, 1999  -  Day 53

Wednesday Morning Position Report
9:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time

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Days Run:

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Report Advisory:  Until the Sea Victory re-assumes her tow of the USS New Jersey, pending completion of repairs to the tug's port main engine in Miami, and the Battleship's transfer from the tug Mariner,these reports will be periodic.  They will include dual reports of both the Sea Victory's status in Miami, and the progress and position of the USS New Jersey's passage with the Mariner.

USS New Jersey With The Mariner

Time of Report:  3:11 a.m., Wednesday, November 3
Latitude:  24 Degrees, 25 Minutes North
Longitude:  81 Degrees, 03 Minutes West
Day’s Run:  152 Nautical Miles from 1:30 a.m.,Tuesday, November 2
Average Speed:  6.3 Knots
Total Run This Leg:  361 Nautical Miles from the transfer point
Total Average Speed:  5.5 Knots
Hours / Days from transfer point:  66.2 Hours
Winds:  North-Northwest
Seas:  Moderate
Swells:  4 - 7 Feet from the North
Visibility: Good

Transfer To The Mariner:  8:50 a.m., Sunday, October 31, beyond the 12 Mile territorial waters of Cuba, South of Cabo Frances,at 21 Degrees, 35 Minutes North / 84 Degrees, 03 Minutes West.

Position:  The USS New Jersey, as of the last position report available from the tug Mariner, was transiting the Gulf of Mexico South of the Florida Keys.

The Sea Victory

Time of Report: 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 3
Location:  The Sea Victory is now berthed at Terminal 6, Dodge Island, Miami Harbor, undergoing repairs to her port main engine.
Latitude:  25 Degrees, 46 Minutes North
Longitude:  80 Degrees, 10 Minutes West
Yesterday’s Run To Miami:  95.3 Nautical Miles to Miami Harbor from Monday, 8:00 p.m. Report, South of the Florida Keys.
Yesterday's Average Speed:  9.72 Knots
Total Run This Leg:  460 Nautical Miles from transfer point to Miami Harbor.
Total Average Speed:  10.27 Knots


Teams of engineering specialists from Crowley Marine Services and other related companies bore down on the Sea Victory as soon as she docked at Miami Harbor yesterday.  Since the tug tied up to the dock at Terminal 6, it has been non-stop activity in the engine room and dockside.

The heavy-lifting of component parts to the engine took up most of yesterday's work schedule, and this morning there is more analysis and refinement than brute physical and mechanical labor.  Walking from Sea Victory's galley through the passageway past the entry to the engine room exposes one to the constant sounds of high-speed tools hard at work down below.

Progress is being made rapidly. But exactly when the Sea Victory will be declared fit and ready for resumption of the USS New Jersey tow will have to wait a few more hours.

A strong desire to get the tug ready and back to sea, connected to the Battleship once again, seems to have taken over everyone involved here.

It should not be long now.

Submitted by Bob Wernet onboard the Sea Victory.


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