Digital Photos  -  September 12, 1999  -  Day 1

Picture #29

Docked at Bremerton, Washington,
her home for the last 8 1/2 years.

picture #1


Dawn breaks the morning darkness as the three Crowley tugs awaken the USS New Jersey for her Final Voyage home.

picture #2

Crowley assist tugs Chief & Guide maneuver the USS New Jersey into position to connect with the Sea Victory which will tow her to Philadelphia.

picture #3

USS New Jersey is connected to the primary Crowley tug Sea Victory as assist tugs Chief & Guide keep the ship's bow steady for the departure from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, her home for almost nine years.

picture #4

Sunday, 10:45 a.m. PDT - Photographed from Alki
Beach in West Seattle, with the Olympic Mountains in the background. (Photo taken by Mr. John Loftus, Seattle, WA)

Picture #27

USS New Jersey well underway Sunday afternoon, with 14,411 Ft. Mt. Ranier seen faintly in the background and recreational vessels moving closeup for a bird's eye view of the "Big J" as she makes her way for the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean.

picture #13

Capt. Kaare L. Ogaard Jr., skipper of the Sea Victory, stands by Sea Victory in Seattle.  It will tow the USS New Jersey from Bremerton to the East Coast. (Chris LaChall, Courier-Post)

picture #15

Charles Thommen (left) & Fred Adams, members of the New Jersey’s original crew, stand before the battleship after a wreath ceremony in Bremerton.  Thommen was a gunners mate; Adams was a trainer. (AP)

picture #14

The USS New Jersey clears the Rich Passage outside Bremerton on Sunday.  The passage is the second narrowest area the ship must clear on its route to the East Coast.  (Chris LaChall, Courier-Post)


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