Digital Photos  -  September 27, 1999  -  Day 16

Picture #45

Sea Victory's Chief Engineer Andy Cleland enjoys the tug's "steel beach" while reading a biography of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, whom he calls Britain's greatest naval hero.

Picture #46

USS New Jersey glistens in the tropical morning sunlight, as she makes her way to the tip of Baja California Monday, on her way to the Panama Canal, some 2,200 miles Southeast.

Picture #47

Chief Engineer Andy Cleland in Sea Victory's wheelhouse during a briefing session with Captain Ogaard about the tug's engine room ins-and-outs one recent morning.

Picture #48

The Sea Victory, a 150-foot, 7,200 horsepower, twin-screw ocean towing tug is performing as advertised on her USS New Jersey homecoming voyage, shown here in Crowley Marine Services Inc. literature.

Picture #49

Large oceanic cargo ships pass by the USS New Jersey more regularly now, as did this one this morning.  She is a little closer to the North-South traffic lanes of international shipping into and out of the Panama Canal.

Picture #50

The first visible sunset with USS New Jersey in several days was seen this evening, with its companion, the cooler evening air, notifying everyone that the Tropics have been reached.


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