Digital Photos  -  October 20, 1999  -  Day 39

Picture #107

The Battleship must wait her turn to enter the transit lane into the Pedro Miguel Lock Tuesday morning as large ships of all kinds pass before her.

Picture #109

Pedro Miguel's lock opens for the Battleship's entrance into the chamber where she was elevated 31 feet by the Canal's "water elevator" Tuesday.

Picture #111

The Sea Victory and assist Panama Canal Commission tug
Gilberto Guardia as seen from the New Jersey's pilot
position on her 08 Level.

Picture #110

The New Jersey passes part of Gaillard Cut, carved through rock and shale for almost 8 miles, as her passage to Gatun Lake progresses Tuesday.

Picture #108

USS New Jersey nears her overnight Gatun Lake mooring site Tuesday afternoon in preparation for transit of Gatun Locks Wednesday morning.

Picture #106

USS New Jersey exits the 1.2-mile, 3-chamber Gatun Locks Wednesday afternoon, as the giant U.S. flag carship "Green Point" from New Orleans shares the companion Canal lane.


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