Digital Photos  -  October 25, 1999  -  Day 44

Picture #121

Crowley Operations Chief Al Anderson with his fellow riggers and handling specialists, John Hurst, Dennis Grennan and Dean Halpaus, after winning Pedro Miguel Lock passage last week.

Picture #122

Panama Canal Commission linemen preparing
for the Pedro Miguel tug connection with lines and equipment made ready in Bremerton months ago.

Picture #123

Captain Kaare L. Ogaard, Jr., keeping check on his precious
tow line off the Northwest U.S. coast in September,
controls not only the tow but the course of its passage.

Picture #136

Equipment rigged for the Battleship's voyage, and intermittent hand-offs, include line winch, chains, wires, and lines at the ready for Canal linemen.

Picture #134

All the chains, shackles, and tow connectors for the voyage were assembled and outfitted well before the Sea Victory hooked up to New Jersey in Bremerton.

Picture #133

Tow and Canal rigging operators Tom Caldwell, Captain Al Anderson, and Dean Halpaus, next to the blue line winch, anticipate New Jersey's next Canal connection.

Picture #135

New Jersey's 15-ton starboard anchor was situated for the voyage on the after deck seen here in Panama's Gatun Lake last week.


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