Digital Photos  -  October 27, 1999  -  Day 46

Picture #132

A soft Caribbean sunrise greeted the Sea Victory and USS New Jersey Wednesday morning as the Battleship headed for the Yucatan Channel and the Gulf of Mexico.

Picture #131

U.S. warship 38's helicopter flies over the USS New Jersey
this morning, capturing photographs that may end up on
Curts' own internet website.

Picture #127

Named after a heroic WWII cruiser commander, the late Admiral Maurice E. Curts, USS Curts honors New Jersey with a salute from her crew, including a former Jerseyman.

Picture #128

USS Curts renders a salute to the USS New Jersey, including her forward missile battery, as she passes the Sea Victory early this morning from Panama.

Picture #129

USS Curts, guided missile frigate, with service in the Gulf War and Pacific anti-submarine warfare, passes New Jersey as CJ Good admires from the Sea Victory.


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