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Once again I made the trip to Camden to work for a day onboard Big J. I arrived at 9:00 and the ship was already buzzing with activity. I signed in and was assigned to a detail working to spruce up the main deck area. We were getting Big J ready for a group of special visitors who would be onboard later that night.  The Home Port Alliance sponsored a cookout to show its appreciation for all the work volunteers are doing to get Big J ready for her grand opening.  Volunteers were allowed to bring a guest and take them on a tour of the ship to show them the work they've been doing.  After the cookout all were invited to sit on the fantail and watch fireworks over the Delaware River.  But wait, I've gotten ahead of myself, before the food and fireworks there was a day of work and taking photos.  I was assigned to sweep the fantail, an area which is still totally covered with teak planks and is in pretty good shape.  Saturday was a scorcher, and as I set to work sweeping, with the flag flapping in the breeze, I couldnít help daydreaming about the countless others who had lovingly swept this deck over the years.  Anyway, after several hours of sweeping and weeding the deck, I was interrupted by the appearance of a fellow volunteer, Ron, who I had met on my first day onboard back in April. Since then Ron had put in 30 days of volunteer service and he took me on a short tour.  Everywhere we went there were volunteers hard at work doing everything from polishing brass on the bridge, to tearing up floor tiles in the galley and mess areas. After my tour with Ron I spent much of the rest of the time rolling up ropes, and cleaning up on deck. There are an awful lot of nooks and crannies on an 887 foot long deck!!  In closing, I would like to personally thank the Home Port Alliance for the great cookout and open house they threw for the volunteers, it was a wonderful way to thank those who have worked so tirelessly on the ships restoration.  Well thatís about all I can say for now, hope you enjoy the photos!!


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June 30th Photo #1

Ron the Painter and Mummer, regular volunteer onboard!

June 30th Photo #2

Frank the painter and golf pro in action, great job buddy!

June 30th Photo #3

The Brass Team, working on the Bridge, lots of Brass to shine there! 

June 30th Photo #4

Look familiar to any of you old Battleship Sailors?

June 30th Photo #5

Showers in Head near Wardroom

June 30th Photo #6
Corridor on Deck 2 along proposed Tour Route
June 30th Photo #7
Main Radio Room Area
June 30th Photo #8
Admiral's Stateroom maybe, nice space on the O1 level
June 30th Photo #9
Permanent Museum Display areas under construction onboard
June 30th Photo #10
Old Glory waved proudly while I swept the teak
planked fantail, a memory I'll cherish forever 

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Line Drawing of Big J

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