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I arrived and signed in following the usual routine.  Within minutes I was assigned to a group of about 8 others, our task, clear the deck of ropes and other items so that contractors could power wash those areas of the deck.  We began along the starboard side, untangling the heavy ropes and hanging them along the rails.  The work was tough, but there was a decent breeze blowing off the river that kept us fairly cool.  We spent most of the morning clearing the decks and by shortly before lunchtime we had hung all the ropes over the rails.  Some of the guys I was working with then went below to help others who were removing 16" shell cradles from the magazines below Turret #3.  One of those guys was overcome by heat and needed to be transported to the hospital.  I later heard that he actually had a heart attack but in a recent e-mail was told he is doing well today, I'm glad to hear that.  After lunch I was sent below to work in several compartments that are being converted to house air conditioning units used to cool areas of the ship open to the public.  The heat below decks was stifling, I really missed the breeze I had been blessed with on deck in the morning.  I spent the rest of the afternoon chipping paint and masking areas in preparation of a fresh coat of paint.  At 3:00, when the shift was over, I again went in search of photos to show site visitors the progress being made onboard.  There is a lot of progress evident in these photos, especially on the upper areas of the superstructure where she has already received a fresh coat of Battleship Gray paint.  My only regret is that I live so far away, otherwise I'd be onboard everyday!  Time is running short and we need all the help we can get.  If you have the time, and live close enough, I encourage you to make the trip and volunteer for a day.  I guarantee you won't regret it and I think you'll be impressed with the dedication and camaraderie of the volunteers working onboard.  Enjoy the photos and hope to see you onboard soon.  


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July 24th Photo #1

 Reporting for duty on Tuesday morning, he called me an S@B and
told me his photo wasn't up on my site yet, well here it is!

July 24th Photo #2

Some of the guys I worked with in the morning hanging
ropes on the rail taking a breather and striking a pose

July 24th Photo #3

Some of the guys back in action hanging ropes, damn
those ropes were heavy, that was hard work!

July 24th Photo #4

The results of our morning labor, ropes off the deck and hung
on the rail so the contractors could power wash the edges
of the deck and scupper areas

July 24th Photo #5

Contractor power washing the deck where heliport used to be

July 24th Photo #6
One of the contractors working to remove
asbestos from areas of the ship
July 24th Photo #7
Contractor painting scuppers along port bow,
we can see progress today!
July 24th Photo #8
A volunteer getting into the act,
he just wanted to lend a helping hand!
July 24th Photo #9
Contractors and volunteers at work on bow of Big J
July 24th Photo #10
Contractor power washing 5" Mount on Port Side of the ship
July 24th Photo #11
Volunteers masking area of ship on Deck 2 that will be used to
house air conditioning equipment once the ship is open to the public
July 24th Photo #12
Compartment where I spent much of the afternoon chipping
paint and masking.  Temperatures below deck were stifling
and frequent breaks for fresh air were needed
July 24th Photo #13
There she is, looking better each trip I make onboard


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Line Drawing of Big J

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