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I arrived and signed in at 0800, and it was already hot!  I was assigned the job of cleaning and painting one of the hatches and opening on Mount 56, which I've recently learned is the mount the Marine Detachment manned during battle stations.  For all you ex Marines, the mount is looking great and in good hands!  In the afternoon I spent time removing damaged plugs from the deck so they can be replaced with new ones.  Lots of plugs in that deck, many crews of volunteers were on the job though taking care of business.  While there on Tuesday I also learned that storm activity in the Gulf of Mexico has slowed the delivery of steel piles which are to be used in the battleships pier.  This is expected to delay the ships planned opening on September 2, 2001.  I will update this site as new information becomes available, stay tuned, more to follow.  Below are the photos from my August 7th visit, every time I go onboard I'm amazed at the progress, the transition in the last 6 months has been incredible!  I can't wait for opening day!  Sorry if some of these photos look a little on the bright side, I use one time use cameras to take all my site photos and sometimes they are lacking in quality on outside shots in bright sunlight.  One of these days soon I hope to purchase a nice digital camera, before opening day for sure.  If anyone out there knows where a good deal can be had on an Olympus 3040 Digital Camera, please let me know, I want one bad!!

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August 7th Photo #1

The hull has now been painted, she is sure looking good!

August 7th Photo #2

A shot down the Starboard Side, a beehive of activity.

August 7th Photo #3

Close-up view from the gangway, looking pretty spiffy!

August 7th Photo #4

Volunteers power washing the ladders from Turrets #1 & #2

August 7th Photo #5

Volunteers removing damaged plugs in deck and
cleaning holes so new plugs can be put in place. 

August 7th Photo #6
Volunteer power washing deck level O1 below Bridge.
August 7th Photo #7
The Tool Man, if you need
anything, he's the man to see!
August 7th Photo #8
These guys were having a hard time moving the
anchor so it can be placed where it belongs again.
August 7th Photo #9
Just arrived, Four Phalanx Gun Systems and Two
Whale Boats being readied to be placed onboard.
August 7th Photo #10
One of the Whale Boats ready to go onboard.
August 7th Photo #11

Future home of one of the
Whale Boats on the Port Side.

August 7th Photo #12
Four Phalanx Gun Systems ready to mount onboard.
August 7th Photo #13
Technicians routing ammunition belts on one system.
August 7th Photo #14
Future home of one of the Phalanx
Gun Systems, forward mount, Port Side.


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