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I was onboard again this past Saturday working and taking photos.  I spent the day with Bruce and the Brass Team polishing brass from the O5 level Control Station located in front of the ships main Fire Control Station.  There is brass everywhere on the ship and the effort to polish all of it is a tall order.  I've finally decided to go out and buy myself a new digital camera and quit relying on the old one time use cameras to take photos.  Hope to have it by the time I go up to New Jersey next Saturday, we should see a big difference in the quality of photos then.  

During a briefing Saturday morning by the ship's Executive Officer two things of interest were put out to all volunteers onboard.   One is that the ship is scheduled to be moved to her final berth on Monday September 3, 2001.  The second is that volunteers who have worked helping to restore the ship over the last 7 months or so will be permitted to Man the Rails during the move, that's going to be an awesome experience!

Well, here are the photos from Saturday, not as nice as I would like them to be though.  As always there were lots of volunteers onboard doing what needs to be done to be ready for the move in just 2 weeks.  Time is running out to come down and volunteer your services,  there's still lots to do believe me, hope to see you onboard soon!  

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August 18th Photo #1

Volunteer shining up the Ships Compass, It's come
a long way from when I first saw it, great job!

August 18th Photo #2

Father and son brass shining team
and volunteer tour guides too I think.

August 18th Photo #3

The leader of the Brass Team, oh the wisdom this man has!

August 18th Photo #4

That's me in action, working with
power tools too, watch out!

August 18th Photo #5

Volunteer detailing one of the ships new
Whale Boats before it goes onboard.

August 18th Photo #6

One of the Brass Team striking a pose.

August 18th Photo #7
A pair of hard working volunteers
taking a break on the main deck.


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