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I was again onboard the ship on Tuesday, August 28th.  I reported to Marty the Gun Commander with the hope of helping work on the guns but instead I ended up polishing brass again.  With the ship scheduled to move in less than a week the main push is to clean up the Tour Route areas and clean the decks and other areas where the public will be permitted on tours.  There were some interesting items to polish though today, in Mount 56 one of the original 5" gun caps was found, the only one left.  We polished it up real nice and turned it over to the curator, it'll probably be incorporated into a museum display.  Today was also the day that the ships Ribbons and Decorations board was mounted on the ships superstructure, it looks good and is a nice finishing touch to the work done so far.  I am happy to say that this will be the last day that I take photos onboard with one time use cameras.  I've just ordered a new Olympus Digital Camera and can't wait until it gets delivered.  I love having new toys to play with and this one is going to be a lot of fun to play with.  Not much else exciting to report from today's visit, like everyone else though I can't wait until the ship moves up river.  The volunteers are all excited about the opportunity to Man the Rails when the ship moves, that will be a proud day for all of us, hope it comes soon!  Well that's it for now, below are some photos taken on today's visit.

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August 28th Photo #1

I see these guys almost every day I'm onboard.  Here
they are putting caps on the 5" guns on Mount 52.

August 28th Photo #2

Another pair of regulars striking a pose.

August 28th Photo #3

Volunteer holds up the only original 5" Gun
Cap left, freshly polished by the Brass Team it is
probably destined to become a museum display.

August 28th Photo #4

A shot of Mount 52 with its new caps in place and also showing 
one of the ships crew repainting insignia on the superstructure.

August 28th Photo #5

Another shot of PJ in action repainting insignia on the superstructure.


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