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I was onboard again on Saturday, September 15th.  It had been two weeks since my last visit because my regular job has kept me too busy to get up to New Jersey.  The progress made in that time was obvious right away and is evident in the photos below.  With the move postponed again the level of activity onboard has increased even more.  Everywhere you look there are new items in place, and the finishing touches are being done to all areas of the ship, especially on the proposed Tour Route.  Once again my day was spent shining brass, a job I enjoy and expect to continue on Saturdays even after the ship is open to the public.  There will always be brass to be polished on the ship, and it'll give me an opportunity to stay involved with the ship and the volunteers.  All day long we retrieved items from along the Tour Route that needed to be polished and made them shine.  Of course my visit to the ship wouldn't be complete without taking some photos, and now that I have a brand new digital camera, no more one time use cameras for me.  I'm quite pleased with the quality of the photos it takes and being able to upload them directly without any developing or film costs is also great!  One last thing to report, the ships store is now open.  It is located on Deck 2 near the Snack Bar and will be open daily from now on.  They have lots of great battleship related items on sale, it's easy to spend money there.  I'll try to get more information on my next visit about whether they are accepting mail or phone orders yet.  That's it for now, here are the days photos.     

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September 15th Photo #1

Old Glory Flying at Half Mast on Saturday afternoon.

September 15th Photo #2

Lunch on the Fantail, a favorite spot for volunteers to gather.

September 15th Photo #3

Newly painted Helicopter Landing area on Fantail looks pretty good.

September 15th Photo #4

To go along with the newly painted helicopter pad are
Landing Lights on the Control Tower above Turret #3.

September 15th Photo #5

Teamwork to raise the Quarterdeck awning on newly welded supports.
September 15th Photo #6
Tightening up the awning and painting the newly welded supports.
September 15th Photo #7
One of the Brass Team in our new workshop shining up yet
another piece of brass, I think we'll be shining brass forever!
September 15th Photo #8
Another volunteer shining brass, are we having fun yet?
September 15th Photo #9
Volunteer putting up newly shined brass in Captains Galley on O1.
September 15th Photo #10
Yet another member of the Brass Team working in the shop.

September 15th Photo #11

Think we have enough guys shining brass?  We'll still take all the
 volunteers we can get, come on down, we'll supply the Brasso!
September 15th Photo #12
Volunteer working on Teletype Machines in the Ships Radio Room.
September 15th Photo #13
A regular pair of volunteers on the Brass Team and in the Radio Room.
September 15th Photo #14
A quick change artist, polishing brass one minute and conducting
tours the next.  Here he's sporting the new uniforms the Docents
will wear when conducting tours around the ship, pretty spiffy eh?
September 15th Photo #15
A volunteer trying out the captain's chair for size.
September 15th Photo #16
Security on the job, she always has a smile and a piece of candy
for you when you leave the ship at the end of the day on Saturdays.


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