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Once again I made the trip to Camden for a day onboard Big J.  I went to the Brass Shop and checked to see what items Bruce had scheduled for polishing.  With the ships opening looming ever closer, our emphasis for the past several weeks has been to clean up places on the proposed tour route.  On the top of the list was shining brass items in the Upper Handing Room for Mount 55, so off I went.  There is an Upper Handling Room located directly below each of the 5" Mounts, and the one for Mount 55 will be a "Look In" stop on the Tour.  I spent all day polishing the brass on the twin shell hoists in that area along with other pieces of equipment.  The day seemed to fly by and shortly after lunch all volunteers were told to clean up whatever they were doing and prepare to leave the ship.  In the past, myself and many other members of the Brass Team have stayed onboard until 5:00 or 6:00, but on this day we were being booted off it seemed.  By 3:00 all the volunteers were off the ship and several of us stood in the parking lot wondering what was going on.  Some of the ships crew had indicated there had been a bomb threat, others had indicated it was because there had been a couple of compartments flooded earlier that morning, but at that time none of us had any idea as to the real reason.  Little did we know that in less than 24 hours the ship was going to be moved secretly to her new home, 1.5 miles up the Delaware River.  I usually do most of my photo taking at the end of the day, and since I was kicked off early, I didn't get to take very many photos this day.  Below are a couple showing my handy work for the day in the Upper Handling Room.  When you take the tour and do the look in under Mount 55, you'll be seeing some of my efforts.  Anyway, sorry for the lack of photos, never expected things to happen the way they did though, pretty sad...


September 22nd Photo #1

View of Shell Hoist and Operating Controls located
in Upper Handling room below Mount 55.

September 22nd Photo #2

Another view of the Shell Hoist, 
lots of brass in this area to be polished.


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