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I was onboard once again this past Saturday polishing brass and checking out the Battleship's new home.  She really looks great and attracted quite a crowd of curious visitors all day long.  Security at the new pier was high, but if you have a Volunteer Badge you can get onboard without any problems.  Since this was my first time onboard since the Home Port Alliance moved the ship secretly on September 23rd, I was curious to see what the mood onboard would be like.  I must say there didn't seem to be nearly as many volunteers onboard as usual, but those who were onboard were as enthusiastic as ever.  Once again I ended up on Mount 55, getting it all shined up and ready for the Tours.  Below are a number of photos of the ship at her new pier, which as evidenced by some of the photos, is still under construction.  There are also a number of photos of the Powder handling Rooms and Hoists for Turrets #1 and #2.  Today was the first time I ventured all the way down to the Powder Handling Rooms, and it is truly awesome down there.  To see those areas now is very interesting to me, but to think about the men who served in those spaces under wartime conditions, it boggles the imagination.  Anyway, the photos are below, I plan to be onboard again this Saturday, hope to see you there too.  There hasn't been any announcement yet as to when she will open officially to the public, but I'll let you know just as soon as I hear anything.

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September 29th Photo #1

Big J tied up at her new home on the Delaware River

September 29th Photo #2
Her pier is still under construction, but she is 
scheduled to open to the public on October 15, 2001
September 29th Photo #3
A shot showing part of the specially designed anchor
system employed to secure the ship in case of bad weather
September 29th Photo #4
Pretty cloudy day, but this shot shows the view 
visitors will see as they approach the ship from the shoreline
September 29th Photo #5
Close-up of the starboard side of the ship and the pier still under construction
September 29th Photo #6
Another close-up showing the unfinished pier along the bow of the ship
September 29th Photo #7
Contractors working on finishing up a portion of the pier
September 29th Photo #8
Another view of the contractors working on completing the pier


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Line Drawing of Big J

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