November 24th Photos Page

All the way up from Virginia I kept hoping the weatherman was going to be wrong and that the sun was going to show its face, but that didn't happen and it rained almost all day long.  With the poor weather the number of volunteers onboard was down but there was still plenty to do.  This morning we had a bunch of scouts onboard as volunteers and so a group of them worked with me polishing portholes.  This is a task that has been ongoing for a while, not everybody wants to do them because they can be a pain to do.  That said the scouts were very motivated and we made a lot of progress on the Main Deck level.  Even though it was a cold rainy day, all day long there was a steady stream of visitors to the ship, many were young kids from school groups or other youth organizations.  The Docents earned their money today, that's a poor joke, because the Docents are all volunteers and therefore don't make anything anyway.  Those who volunteer to conduct tours onboard the ship put in an awful lot of time and effort to learn all about the ship and be prepared to answer questions, and I think they do a great job!  I encourage any visitors reading this, who live close to the ship and have an interest in volunteering, to come on down and get involved, it's a great experience.  For information on how you can volunteer Click Here.  Well, that's about it for today, I saw lot's of visitors onboard, polished about a dozen portholes and didn't take very many pictures at all.  Below are just a couple to show how wet of a day it really was, oh well it was the first rainy day I spent onboard. 


November 24th Photo #1
It was a cold, foggy, rainy day, but still they came to see Big J 

November 24th Photo #2

Docents on the Quarter Deck waiting for the days visitors to arrive
November 24th Photo #3
Close up of the Elevator Tower being built near the bow of the ship

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Line Drawing of Big J

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